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Al-Jammal Medical Services, Tourism and Public Services: We work for your convenience and health by providing a wide range of tourism and therapeutic services in Turkey, continuous service 24 hours a week reception to and from the airport – rental of tourist apartments – car rental – VIP and business services – Various tourist programs.

Medical Services

Medical centers registered with the Turkish Ministry of Health and committed to the implementation of international health standards

Complete medical services in cosmetic surgery, hair transplantation, dental health, lung and respiratory diseases treatment, bone disease treatment, heart disease treatment, neurological and neurological treatment, organ transplantation, IVF in addition to treatment of cancer, chemotherapy, hormone therapy, radiation therapy. – Surgical treatment.

Our centers are committed to the latest medical technologies by the most famous doctors in Turkey at the lowest cost

Daily accommodation
Daily accommodation in the hotel
Reception and farewell to and from the airport
Certificate of guarantee
Certificate of guaranteeing success of the process

Do not worry about looking for a doctor to treat your illness

Send your medical consultation and get your treatment

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